Thursday, June 25, 2015

$3 box weather

It's been nice weather this week so Al's been out there every day with a box for me. Some highlights from yesterday's:

Always fun for a Yankee card I did not have to slip it's way in.
 Back in the '90s there were several card sets that regularly featured interesting photography. Pinnacle was just one of many (Upper Deck, Ultra, Stadium Club, etc). Now it's just very high-end Stadium Club.
 The 90's also saw a lot of pointless parallels, and the occasional awesome parallels, like Score Gold Rush.
 I read somewhere recently that SP stands for "Super Premium". Maybe that's common knowledge but I did not know that before.
 Another refractor finds its way in. Joe Nierko's son played 195 games in the major leagues.

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  1. Upper Deck's original SP brand stood for Super Premium probably for the fact that Super Premium cards were a whole new concept at the time. Different meaning now, of course.

    I love these $3 boxes. Right up my alley! I'd keep buying them until I hit a Griffey...