Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some better street-box minis

Got another street box last week which had some much better "bonus minis". Here are some highlights from this particular box:

There was about half the set of 2003 Fleer Double Headers. Most of the cards are standard minis:

However some cards at the end of the set are pretty unusual and are I guess the source of the set name. This card appears to be a regular card of Miguel Asencio:

But flip it open, and it turns out those aren't Asencio's legs, they belong to Runelvys Hernandez!
The back of the card actually treats it as two separate cards with two numbers:
 Actually got two of this particular card so one is up for trade, as well as several of the non-flip variety.

Some regular sized card highlights:
This Tino card was stuck behind a Phil Nevin card, which is pretty much the only way to get a star Yankee out of one of these boxes.
 But I was glad to see a card of unsung Yankee hero Ramiro Mendoza, and on a fairly unusual set (at least here on the East Coast).
 I had never seen this particular set before, an insert from 1994 Score.
 There was a little junk wax, so I used them for #RandomActsOfCardness. Last week a lady posted a 1990 Fleer Jeff Musselman card she found on Seventh Avenue, maybe someone will post one of these?

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  1. Picked up my first double header card last week, so I now can say I have one Brave from the set, lol. Not used to the base set being a mini.