Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another box from the guitarist from the band Down By My Sins

In addition to a regular construction job and his street-vendor sports-card selling business, Al, my $3 box guy, is also in a metal band called Down By My Sins. Here is one of his flyers:
They are "power metal" in the style of Iron Maiden and Dio. I'm actually a pretty big fan of that kind of music. I'm not a big music guy but when I do listen that is the sort of stuff I like. Their music is actually quite decent. See their website and youtube videos if you're curious.

On to the cards from this week:

More of those weird Double-Header cards. This one of Eric Chavez with Miguel Tejada's legs didn't come out too well.
 Here's an insert I hadn't seen before. It's called "Invincible Sandlot Heroes". Somebody ought to make a baseball card insert set name generator. It would come up with better names than that.
 There were a lot of 1988 Topps league leader minis. This is one of the very few sets that I collected as a kid where I still need a lot of cards from.
 There was a ton of cards from the 2004 Upper Deck rookie update set. Lots of dupes to trade if anyone has needs; it's somewhat obscure. Boring, though. Believe it or not this is one of the more exciting photos in the set.

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