Friday, June 19, 2015

Cards from The Prowling Cat

A while back Prowling Cat posted some minor league cards he was looking to get rid of. I'm a sucker for minor league cards so I quickly claimed them. In exchange for a few cards and pocket schedules he sent me some really cool stuff.

There was a nice stack of 1990 CMCs. I've finished off a few of the big minor league sets from this era but still need probably 3/4 of this set. Nice football card here.
 The rest of the trade package was three years of Salem-Keizer Volcanoes sets. The team is a Giants minor league affiliate. Hold that fake double play pose! This is from the 2001 set.
 What made this really cool was that about half of the cards in the 2002 and 2003 set were autographed. I remember Pat Misch from his time with the Mets. He's in the Marlins organization now.
 When I was a kid one of the oldest cards in my collection was Joe Strain's 1981 Topps card. It was the only one I had from the set for many years, and on the back noted that he was a substitute teacher in the off-season.
 Here is Joe's favorite player on the team, his son Ryan. He hit .302 so I'm sure no one complained about giving playing time to the manager's son.

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