Friday, April 19, 2024

Vintage trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown has relaxed his condition requirements on his 1970s setbuilds, so I was able to send some cards his way to help him on those.

In return he sent me a really fun mix of vintage cards. Starting off with 18 cards from 1980 Kellogg's. Some big stars there. I'm not concerned about the curling, these get packed tightly in a box and straighten out eventually.

1983, the last year of Kellogg's cards. I don't see cards from this set very often.
Some 1970s Kelloggs. Lots of big stars.
1963 Fleer cards don't come around all that often. Too bad they didn't last longer, their photos were often better than Topps's.
Finally, an international oddball mix of some of Gavin's extras for one of his most obscure PCs, Mike Reinbach. Three Japanese cards, from the 1975-1976 Calbee set. I only had one card from this set previously, another Reinbach from Gavin. They really had some nice photos in those sets. If they were cheaper I could see going after them, though the language barrier is another factor. The last item is a 1973-74 Venezuelan Winter League sticker. That's my first from that set, helping to boost my very tiny international vintage collection.


  1. I'll have to try and pack some of my curling Kellogg's cards into a box. I've been putting my 70's sets into top loaders to prevent them from cracking. I guess we'll see in 10 to 20 years whether or not my strategy worked.

  2. The '63 Fleer design was great. It would've been interesting to see what they would've followed it with had they been able to do a set the following year.