Tuesday, April 16, 2024

TCDB/OCB roundup

A few incoming cards this week. 

Starting with a PWE from a very nice trader on TCDB, someone whom I've traded with before and would do so again. I am keeping him nameless this time, to show how pointless some of the things are people do when trying to "protect" cards in a PWE.

The cards arrived in a nine-pocket page with the superfluous cereal-box cardboard on either side. I find the cardboard doesn't add extra protection (that is what the plastic pages are for), but the corners of the cardboard are great at poking holes in the thin paper of an envelope. The sender also stamped "Photos - Do Not Bend" on the envelope. The post office clearly took that as a challenge and the whole thing had been folded lengthwise - across all three pockets - at some point in the process. Whether it was a human that read the stamp and didn't care, or a machine that had no way to recognize the stamp, who knows.

Fortunately I don't care about condition so I don't mind that every card in the envelope arrived with some creasing in the middle, some more than others. I just wanted to note that the so-called "correct" way to pack a PWE doesn't actually work the way some people on TCDB seem to think it does.

Luis Robert and Jake Cronenworth are both set-killers. A great Maury Wills photo and a random building in downtown Manhattan are other highlights.

Two great vintage cards as well!
On the other end of the condition scale are these cards from Tscastle. He doesn't even care about condition of his cards; he saw my recent blog post with the low-grade vintage HOF cards and wanted the '68 Topps Game Frank Robinson. I traded him that and a few more vintage needs and modern Orioles. The cards he sent back are some of the best-conditioned vintage I've ever seen. Good enough that I was a little afraid to handle them.

As you can see there was one 2024 card snuck in there. The opposite was the case for this trade with Hebron Reds Fan, sneaking in a 1983 Fleer sticker with these 2024 cards.

Seven more from '24, thanks to bplay24. How appropriate. I'm down to four cards left for Series I. All rookies - Elly De La Cruz, Evan Carter, and two guys I'd never heard of.
From OBC, Dan Angland keeps sending me 1982 Topps football cards. He sent these . . .

. . . and separately, this card. Mark Gastineau was a very big deal when I first started following football in the mid-1980s.\

Finally, some cards from Canada from a collector in Canada, Andrew Goguen. A couple of vintage hiding among the '80s cards.



  2. I wonder when these people will start realizing that there's no point in ever writing "do not bend" on an envelope, let alone paying for extra "non-machinable" postage. Pretty much everything goes through the machines these days, even if you bring your stuff to a post office counter and make a special request.

  3. Gastineau was a beast... along with the rest of the NY Sack Exchange.

  4. I think the "do not bend" is what did it. I never wrote that even back when people at the USPS took pride in their jobs, and now that they seem to be seeking out the lowest of the low, I wouldn't dream of issuing such a challenge to their current crop of mouth-breathers.