Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vintage star cards roundup

 Weekly Greg Morris winnings continue to be fun. Some big names at pretty low prices.

This may not have been my best purchase. I paid $15 for a 1966 Aaron. It's a thinner cardstock, which by itself is not completely a red flag, there was a lot of variety in '66 cardstock and I have others this thin. However the back is blurrier than other '66s I have. I should probably have looked closer at the photos in the listing. I'm just going to assume it's real as I don't have definite proof that it's not, put it in the set and not think about it.

There was another eBay seller who had 1968 Atlantic cards for $5 each. Nobody was bidding on them. I started going alphabetically with Aaron and Brock, then stopped. I could have kept going but that would have been a lot of money for an oddball set that doesn't even look that good. Now I have those two stars with both back versions, and that's good enough for me.

I made a couple of other Aaron purchases that are less problematic. The famous 1975 Hostess that I've seen on a few blogs. Brewers hat but Braves logo.

And a '71 OPC.

Always great to add another Mantle!

A few more star cards, all cheaper on eBay then I'd ever see at a card show or elsewhere.

I cobbled together a few vintage baseball cards at good-enough buy-it-nows, packaging with some other stuff I was getting from this seller. Particularly happy about the two '63 Stengels. I like the all-white Mets script that Topps used in '63.

Finally, another dumb purchase. $10 for a lot of really-bad-shape 1954s. I figured it was worth it because it had Gil Hodges. I forgot I already had a '54 Gil Hodges! I did need about half the commons. Unless someone sees something here they really want, I'll find someone at OBC who needs them. The cards are in worse shape than they look, brittle like they went through the laundry.



  1. I would almost bet that you now have more vintage than non vintage in your collection.

  2. Lots of goodies here. Hard to pick a favorite, but I'd go with the 71 OPC Aaron. It's far more likely that I'll add the 1975 Hostess Aaron to my collection though. I've seen a few bloggers show that card off recently and I'm now on the hunt to join the club.

  3. I've probably said it before, but it seems like with this pace that you're now on, you're eventually gonna run out of vintage sets to collect -- that is, unless you start chasing some even older sets.