Monday, April 22, 2024

Imitation vintage and real vintage

I worked out a nice big trade with Jerry Straniero of OBC. I sent him a few hundred 1970s cards. Here is what I got in return.

Starter sets for three Topps Heritage sets. 2023 . . . 

. . . 2022 . . .
. . . and 2005. These sets tend to have much better photo selection than the regular base sets.
Jerry surprised me by throwing in a whole lot of really nice vintage too! Eight 1965 Topps Embossed, largely Hall of Famers.
Some 1960s needs.
A dozen from 1960.
Late 1950s.
Mid 1950s Topps..
The 1955 Bowmans have certainly been coming in lately.
Finally a couple of 1954 Bowmans. "Larry" on Joe Tipton's card is an OBC inside joke. Larry "Guru" Tipton is one of the founding members of OBC. If I ever get another copy of this card I'll flip this one to someone else in the group.
Jerry and I had just agreed to the 70s for Heritage swap. All the vintage was a surprise, he thought he wasn't sending enough on his side! Fortunately I found some 50s cards for him and I've mailed them out to even up the trade as far as I'm concerned.

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