Sunday, April 21, 2024

I don't collect these. Sure I don't.

Like many of you, I enjoyed Johnny's Trading Spot's weekly trade bait posts. I've never done TTM or asked a player for an autograph, and I don't intend to start. Nor do I intend to start regularly buying or trading for autographs. However, I can't deny that autographed cards look really nice, and there is something cool about the player having taken the time to personally sign it. 

Fortunately I had some cards for Johnny even after our big vintage trade, and I was able to snag a bunch of these for my small but growing binder of autographed cards.

I did pick one relic card. I couldn't resist taking a Melky Cabrera card. Melky was a fan favorite on the Yankees' last World Championship team, 15 years ago.

Some more Yankees. Sweet Lou Piniella is the biggest highlight. A couple other Yankees who were on the team when I first got into baseball, and a couple of fun players from recent years.
These three players are in different uniforms, but all three were favorites of mine with the Yankees.
I don't TTM players, but I do like to reach out via email or social media to get them to comment on baseball cards for my blog. I don't have much success with it anymore, but I do try to collect a little more from players who did respond, like these five.
Vintage autographs! I couldn't resist adding two 1960s cards, or another 1960s star on a shiny card, even if the autograph was fading. And a 1978 Dave Lemanczyk was cool too. I didn't even realize it was an OPC until I was putting it in the binder. He owns a baseball school the next town over from me.
Some more miscellaneous cards. Mostly 1980s and early 1990s cards, it's fun to have autographs of cards from different sets I collected when I was young. The Mike Dyer is a neat oversized oddball. I guess it's a team issue though I can find very little about it online. I only saw one other and it had a different back.