Saturday, February 24, 2024

OBC/TCDB roundup

Leading off with OBC, starting with 10 1959s from Cliff Franklin. You may remember that he included a signed custom card of his daughter Lauren, with the Pittsburgh Passion of the Women's Football Alliance. Since this is the second of these cards he's sent me, I'd be happy to pass this card along to someone else who might like one.

Tom Housley sent six great cards from the 1960 set:

Doug Smith sent a great mixture of 1962s and 1963s, with a terrific 1953 Hoyt Wilhelm mixed in!

Peter Mead sent some great Hostess cards. Most of these will be subjects of future Cake vs. Gum posts.
Mike Rich sends me card from the 1964 Topps Giants set every once in a while. Here are three more.
Scott Jensen is an OBCer who is on TCDB. He reached out to me to do a little trade for some of the 1970 OPCs I'd gotten recently. I sent them in exchange for 11 1962 Post cards, all commons. He surprised me by throwing in two additional Hall of Famers - Dick Williams and Willie Mays!
Kyle Dworchak (you may remember his blog Nolan's Dugout), sent 50 cards from 1984 Topps Traded.
On to TCDB, wheelerly and I worked out a nice football card trade. 1986 Topps football was the first sports card set I ever collected, so it was my introduction to Topps sport cards. So to me this set is quintessentially Topps, and it was weird for me to see Night Owl write recently that he felt this set didn't seem like Topps at all to him.
Finally, a baseball trade with Ronsolo1. A nice mixture of vintage and modern. I'd been wanting that Chili Davis card for a long time.



  1. Nice vintage Mays! That Score Chili Davis is cool too.

  2. I saw that Earl Averill and I was thinking, how the heck was he still playing in 1962? Turns out that's Earl Averill Jr.! (Well, technically not--the father, apparently, was Howard Earl Averill and the son was Earl Douglas Averill.) I didn't know he had a son who was in the majors.