Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Crocodile take a bite out of my 1956 needs

Crocodile Sports Cards had an interest in some of those extra 1955 Topps cards I picked up recently. I sent some his way and he sent back some great 1956 Topps cards.

Part I. Some great action photos like Roy Sievers robbing someone of a home run. Some great ballpark shots too like on Billy Loes and Jack Meyer's cards. Meyer seems to be one of those players who got a lot of great-looking cards during his career, tough to do in the headshot era.

Part II. I love the Yankee Stadium background on Art Houtteman's card even if the artist seems to have taken some liberties in stretching it out on the left.
Part III. Lots of great infield action here, including two Red Sox making plays at third base. I was wondering if there was a Phil Rizzuto sighting on Jim Dyck's card. He played in one game at Yankee Stadium in 1955, reaching base twice in an 8-0 Yankees victory. It's either Rizzuto or second baseman Gil McDougald, can't tell which.
Crocodile generously threw in some extra cards, filling some needs for my 1989 Sportflics set! Some big stars here.


  1. Nice lot of 1956 Topps! I really like the eyes towards the sky action shot painting of Seminick.

  2. I knew as soon as I saw his post that you were gonna be ending up with a bunch of these.