Wednesday, February 28, 2024

1986 Spokane Indians at the Mall - William Taylor


It is quite easy to tell where Taylor is. Orange Julius stores used to be found in just about every mall in the country. A year after this card was produced, they were bought by Dairy Queen, and over the years most Orange Julius locations became Dairy Queens. Some Orange Julius stores still exist, including one in another mall in Spokane.

Usually known as Will Taylor, the speedy outfielder played seven seasons in the minor leagues, mostly in the Padres organization. His best season was 1991 at AAA Las Vegas, when he hit .259 with 4 HR and 33 RBI, leading the PCL with 62 stolen bases. Overall in seven seasons he hit .252 with 11 HR, 183 RBI and 321 SB.


  1. Getting an Orange Julius was always my favorite part of going to malls.