Friday, February 23, 2024

Latest vintage star pickups

 I'd been getting into a pretty good groove with the Greg Morris weekly poor-condition auctions, like this one:


Then out of nowhere had a big day with both cards, and to some extent price, the following week. Big ones here, both around $10, were the '59 Mays catch card (maybe an overpay) and the '59 Clemente (definitely a good price though I don't like damage to the face in the photo). Several other big name cards here for well under that. And then last week (not arrived yet) I had my smallest day with him yet. Really unpredictable but fun.

 Other cheap pickups the last couple of weeks include this '61 Ford:

Here's his batterymate, and the whole team, on a nice two-card lot:


 Always happy to add another vintage Aaron.

Al Kaline always has nice looking cards.
Same is true for Ernie Banks.
I picked this lot up for a bit under 20. I just needed Mays and the high-number McCormick. The other five are trade bait. Funny thing is most of these are actually in quite nice condition too. A '60 Mays with four sharp corners for this price is a big win.


 Of course, anyone can get a Mays with four sharp corners. Only the really advanced collector can get one with six sharp corners! This one also was about $20, quite reasonable for a '59 Mays.