Monday, February 26, 2024

A big low-condition vintage trade - on TCDB!

It's not easy finding people on TCDB who love off-condition vintage like I do. I've had a lot of potential transactions nipped in the bud when people reach out to me for a vintage card only to find out it isn't close to mint. But occasionally I find a kindred soul there. Such was the case with Kurt Albert, and we swung a quite large vintage trade, with most of the cards that changed hands of the poor/fair/good variety.

Starting off with a quartet of 1954 Bowman.

Then on to a 10-spot of 1955, the year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future (as a reader didn't get my 1955 time travel reference in a recent post). I don't think I've ever gotten so many '55 Bowman at one time. So many TVs!
Now on to Topps, covering the mid-1950s. Yogi Berra sighting!
Some later 50s cards, highlighted by a rookie card of Yankees hurler Tom Sturdivant.
Early 60s with some great cards, including Richie Ashburn and Tony Kubek.
Finally, some semi-high and high-number needs from later sets. Turns out I had Grieve already, that was my mistake. Very happy to add all of these to my sets!


  1. I've got a post coming up in two weeks that you are going to be ALL OVER.

  2. I don't look at the TCDB forums very often, but I feel like I've seen multiple posts on there over the years from people talking about their love for off-condition vintage -- so it's kind of surprising to hear that you're having trouble finding like-minded folks to trade with.