Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Incoming roundup

 Various incoming this week. . .

These were an eBay lot. Very low grade '60s cards. A couple of big names in there. I've never seen '65s with the flags cut out before. There's an OBCer who collects a very low grade '65 set who actually collects those (apparently a lot of kids did that).

Nice modern lot with lots of oddballs in a TCDB trade with Redsfan. The Pepsi cards are my favorite in this bunch.
Another TCDB trade, this one of the vintage kind, from 88gibby. Two of the few bright spots in 1965 New York baseball here.

On to the OBC portion of the post. This very colorful group came from TJ Valacak. Fortunately I really like yellow cards.

These very sharp '64 Topps Giants came from Jim Silva.

Jason Christopherson sent these needs from the '62 set.
Ed Pike sent this fun mixture highlighted by a '51 Bowman Cal Abrams.
My mentor Andy Huntoon strikes again, knocking almost all of the commons off of my '68 Topps Game needs.
Neal Thomas is the guy who collects the low-grade '65 sets. Here are some nice ones he sent me.
James Keenum sent a really nice envelope with some big-name pitchers. However, it is the card of the least-accomplished hurler of the group, Jack Harshman, that I like best . . .
. . . it's certainly one-of-a-kind!  Somehow James, who from his bio has lived in the South his whole life, ended up with a card with a stamp on the back from the North Shore Animal League on Long Island. From Long Island to Alabama and now back to Long Island! (A little internet research indicates that the stamp is from 1978.)
Joe Stout sent six from the sixties with some big-time pitchers here too.
Ken Morganti sent me four of my five remaining '69 Topps Deckle Edge needs, Hall of Famers all! The one remaining isn't a star but is a short print (Joey Foy).

Mark Zentkovich sent these four cards including a '68 high number.
Cliff Franklin sent a nice mixture of 59s and 60s.
Finally, an eclectic package of oversized cards from Mark Talbot. Some TCMA postcards . . .
. . . Pepsi discs . . .
. . . and Exhibits!



  1. Love those Pepsi discs! And never seen that Diet-Pepsi set before.

  2. You've really been cleaning up! Having never heard of it either, I can't help but wonder what kids were doing with all of their cutout flags?