Monday, November 14, 2022

Vintage bats & gloves: 1976 SSPC Part II

 Some more equipment gems from the 1976 SSPC set.

I've noticed this on many Cubs cards from the 1970s - players having their number written in the C on their batting helmet. This seems to have just been a Cubs thing, just for a few years in the 1970s. I'm not sure why.

Leon Roberts was #44, but there certainly doesn't appear to be a second 4 on this bat. If this bat did say #4, then it belonged to teammate Aurelio Rodriguez.
Here's an interesting one. Billy Williams is listed as Oakland's #7 on the back. The bat says #28. Baseball-Reference indicates he started at 7 and moved to 28. I couldn't find an explanation for the number change. Williams wore #26 for most of his Cubs career, but presumably changed his number as longtime A's outfielder Joe Rudi was Oakland's #26.
Rick Miller, #16, has bat #39. That would belong to Tim Blackwell.
Last one for now, Tommy Davis, who has his initials and uniform number written on his batting gloves. T.D. 12


  1. Good eye on the uniform numbers inside the Cubs' letter C! Also, it's fun to see that Tommy Davis was TD12 decades before Tom Brady was TB12.

  2. Now you just gotta find someone else wearing Tommy's batting gloves :)