Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cards from The Angels, in Order

The Angels, in Order recently put up some trade bait and I claimed a few. 

Stanton and Boggs are two Yankees known for their hitting, on inserts dedicated to fielding. Boggs worked hard to improve his fielding reputation, while Stanton is now a fulltime DH. The '89 Topps League Leaders set is the rare junkwax-era set I still need most of the cards from. I was intrigued by the Bowman Heritage reprint, unable to tell who the player was. It's Ferris Fain.

A couple of Leaf Black Gold cards. I had actually claimed a different autographed card but I'm happy with this one. I thought the dark gray wood on the '87 design was interesting, and the Guardians logo still feels very new to me. Finally, I couldn't pass up what looked like a football Broder. (Turns out it was produced by Ralston-Purina, licensed by the NFLPA but not the NFL, as far as I can tell.)