Sunday, November 13, 2022

Cheap Broders

Got a few more cheap eBay wins. Splurged a bit on these two Rickey Henderson Broder cards, 15 cents each, but I like them, I like Broders and I like Yankee cards of Rickey.

By contrast, I got six Roberto Alomar Broders for a quarter. Some dupes as you can see, but perhaps they will make useful trade fodder, though I don't know how many people PC him anymore.
These aren't Broders, but they came in today with the Alomars so I took a photo of them too. I've been picking up '91 Line Drive AAA singles from someone who seems to be selling a few at a time. I don't have many cards from this set and I like them. These were a nickel each.


  1. I always see the Broders in the dime boxes (quarter boxes too).

  2. Seems like there'd be some people on the TCDB looking for those Alomar's.

  3. I still PC Alomar from time to time (less so recently with his name having been dragged through the mud) mostly focusing on his Jays days), but I'm not a match unfortunately!

  4. Nice Broders! Didn't appreciate them until I returned to the hobby in the late 2000's. Before that I would have considered them garbage... but these days, they have their very own box in my collection.