Friday, November 11, 2022

1981 Topps Rowland Office

The front: Office in the on-deck circle. It's not Montreal or New York, I am thinking either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.

The back: Office's famous catch came in 1977, not 1975. Check out Night Owl's post about how Topps constantly referred to the catch on the back of Office's cards, as well as the comments on that post. Unfortunately the game was not televised, and there do not appear to be any photos of the catch. The New York Times writeup on the game does not even mention the catch.

The player: Office came up at the tail end of Hank Aaron's career and was often compared to him. However, his reckless style of play led to numerous injuries (including a back injury sustained in his legendary catch). His 29-game hitting streak in 1976 is one of the longest in Braves history. He spent parts of seven seasons in Atlanta, parts of three seasons in Montreal, and played in two games for the Yankees in 1983.

The man: Office seems to have lead a very low-profile life during and after his career. Anyone know where he is now?

My collection: I have 12 of his cards, from 1975 to 1982. I would be interested in trading for 1983 TCMA Columbus Clippers #27.

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  1. I tried to see where he is now. Nothing, at least in the first 3 pages, what I did find on page 3 of the search was this post! How about that, 11 hours old and on page 3.