Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Art on the Back: 1976 Topps Football

After skipping cartoons entirely in the 1975 set, Topps brought cartoons back to some of their football card in 1976. Cards either had a trivia question to guess a mystery player, or a rather generic cartoon relating to a bit of football history.

Sometimes the exact same cartoon was used on multiple cards. I saw examples of this a couple of times in the 100 or so cards I have from this set.
Here are a few of my favorites . . .
. . . and a few more.


  1. These and '75 football are the first football card backs I saw as a kid. I still have fondness for the '76 backs, the orange color fascinated me.

  2. found a few more old items for you, slowly adding to what will be a package one day. It is a slow go at this point, but will get there.

  3. Recycling photos is bad enough, but cartoons... that's just lazy card making!

  4. I'm sure I've flipped over a 76T FB card at some point... or seen them in a blog post... but this is the first time I've appreciated this design. I really like the blue and orange color combination... and the cartoon trivia is fantastic.