Thursday, November 17, 2022

Hollywood bit players on baseball cards: Part 30

Who is this German soldier being apprehended by Vic Morrow on a 1963 episode of Combat?

Did you recognize Braves Hall of Famer, and real WW2 combat veteran, Warren Spahn? On June 28, 1963, with the Braves in Los Angeles, Spahn visited the set of his favorite TV show, and was able to land a brief walk-on role as an extra, playing a German soldier. That evening, The 42-year-old left-hander pitched a three-hit, 1-0 shutout over the eventual World Champion Dodgers.

This is the only vintage card I have of Spahn, an Exhibits card I won in one of the many generous giveaways over the years from Johnny's Trading Spot (this particular giveaway had tickets, and I'm reusing the old photo).


  1. I loved war related tv shows (and movies) as a kid, but wasn't familiar with this one. Guess it was a little before my time. Just found the first episode on YouTube though... and plan to watch it this weekend.

  2. War shows have never been for me, but even so, it would've been hard not to recognize him.