Monday, November 7, 2022

Street trades going strong

I'm not in the city very much anymore, but I do try to pull off a street trade when I am in. This week I met up with Al at this table and a lot of cards changed hands.

This one was on Al's table but he was fine with me taking it; I guess it had been there a while with no takers. This 1958 card is one of the oldest and nicest cards I've gotten in one of these trades.

Everything else came from his boxes, like this minor league Frank Thomas card. It looks like a Broder but it was actually an insert card from a Best set.
I got catfished by this card, and I don't mean Jim Hunter. It was in a toploader and I thought it was some Expos oddball; it was actually three paper-thin baseball-card style business cards for this guy's financial services business. Apparently, Resner actually was a minor league coach for the Expos, and he also made a film of the last Giants game at the Polo Grounds that is quite well known. Still, I can't really consider this a legit baseball card.
Al has lots of these silver pack cards. Well, one of those is a shiny Bowman card, but same idea, shiny modern cards. Turns out I already had the Bregman.
Picked out some Yankees. Turns out I already had Teixeira and Wang too. Green sparkly Cervelli makes up for those mistakes.
Picked out a bunch of superstars figuring I'd need them, and I was right for all. Wally Backman isn't a superstar but I don't have many '88 Leaf cards.
Because I have wantlists for these sets on my blog, I could check these on my phone and confirm I needed them. Eloy Jimenez rookie card was a big deal when it came out; he's only 25 and had a pretty good season, so there's still a chance he could be a star.


  1. Mike Matson would probably be interested in the Expos business cards.

  2. That Resner card is the most interesting of this post... but that Skowron is the most beautiful.