Saturday, November 5, 2022

Time Travel Football

Here are my latest Diamond Jesters Time Travel Trade pickups. All football this time.

The nicest one is this Alvin Harper card, with a photo by Walter Iooss. Unlike similar baseball cards, there is no story from the photographer, just a writeup of the player, but it's still a great card. Even though it's a Cowboy.

The rest are all from a 1993 Score insert set. There are no player names on the front which is an odd choice. Best card here is a Cowboy too, old Giants-killer Emmitt Smith.



  1. Great photograph by Iooss. I'll have to head over to COMC to check out his other photographs in that set.

    As for Harper... I remember treating his 1991 rookie cards like they were cardboard gold. :D

  2. I sent all those in.

    Hope you wash your hands after handling those Cowboys cards.

  3. I've never seen that insert set before. It definitely looks like it's from the 90's.