Wednesday, November 24, 2021

#TRENDING: cheap cards

I picked up a trio of cards in separate eBay auctions this week, all for a dime or less.

Here's a 2020 Bowman Platinum card of Deivi Garcia, who was one of the Yankees prized pitching prospects but had a lousy 2021. This card is much less shiny than Platinums from earlier years.

I don't have many cards from the 1994 UD American Epic set. This is a simple shot but I like the set.
This is my favorite one, a very shiny Gleyber Torres card. The hashtags seem silly to me but maybe kids find it fun?


  1. Those are great buys for less than 10 cents. Personally, I've never found any good low price eBay auctions like that.

  2. The 1994 UD American Epic set is awesome... especially for the price. Fantastic checklist for fans who enjoy the history of the game.

  3. I still think of that symbol as the pound sign for telephones, and probably always will.