Wednesday, September 18, 2019

1975 Topps set completed (and two others as well)

Trading off a hockey collection inevitably meant trading with a Canadian blogger, something I don't usually do. I'm glad I didn't exclude Canada, though, as I ended up making a great trade with Doug of Sportscards from the Dollar Store. I sent him some cards for his player collections, and he sent a really generous return package. This post only covers the vintage he sent; I'll cover the modern cards in a later post.

Most prominently, he sent the last 11 cards I needed to complete the 1975 Topps set! Some big names in there - Munson, Winfield, Schmidt, Rookie Infielders.
 He also sent me the last three '74 team checklists I needed, and the last card I needed for '76 Traded.
Now that I've got '75 finished, I should really concentrate on knocking off '76. I only need 35 cards, mostly commons:

1   Hank Aaron record breaker
7 Jim Umbarger
15  George Scott
16  Bob Apodaca
19 George Brett
24 Cesar Geronimo
34 Mike Garman
80 Jim Kaat

132 Don Hood
133 Gary Matthews
135 Bake McBride
203 NL Strikeout Leaders
208 Mike Lum
251 Rick Monday
268 Del Unser
278 Bernie Carbo
298 Dick Bosman
316 Robin Yount
320 Willie Horton
347 Ted Williams All-Time Great
380 Bobby Bonds
381 Denny Doyle
402 Don Money
405 Rollie Fingers
410 Ralph Garr
527 Mike Anderson
540 Bill Freehan
567 George Stone
582 Mike Kekich
599 Rookie Pitchers (Guidry)
605 Al Downing
616 Buck Martinez
652 Ed Armbrister
654 Jerry Johnson
658 Doug Griffin
Anyone got some to trade?


  1. Congrats on the set completion!

  2. Wow, that didn't take long! With the large amounts of vintage that you've been getting, I would imagine that there's probably a few more sets that aren't long for this world.

  3. Congrats on completing my favorite set?

    I don't know how people have extras of cards like that just sitting around. I'm a huge fan of '75 Topps and I never have dupes like that in that quantity.

  4. Congrats. Now every time you get a new 75T card it'll be a potential upgrade.

  5. I've got a dozen for you.

    16, 24, 132, 320, 381, 527, 567, 582, 605, 616, 652, 658. I probably have an extra Fingers RC too, just need to find it.