Saturday, November 13, 2010

More great stories from Brent Knackert

Brent Knackert shared with me some more great stories today. Though not really baseball card related, they're still quite interesting.

"One favorite experience...Was in Boston during batting practice, Randy Johnson was talking about his Karate training. I called B.S. on him saying "No way your big ass could be all Bruce Lee", 2 seconds later I had a size 14 foot on my chest & I flew back about 5 feet lol.

Oh and my 2nd favorite was the fight Seattle got in with the Brewers in 1990, Dave Parker straight armed me & I again flew 5+ feet :) ...Memories."

There seems to be a common theme here!

Since the Johnson event occurred in Boston, that means this 1991 Score photo was taken around the same time Randy Johnson kicked Knackert's butt.

The Seattle-Milwaukee brawl of 1990 was actually a really big deal. Here are a couple of good descriptions from the Seattle Times and the Tracy Jones Fan Club (scroll down to the end of that second link). One of the "highlights" of that brawl was one of my previous interview subjects, Jeff Schaefer, bodyslamming another one, Tom Trebelhorn.

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  1. That brawl was an interesting one. A lot of suspensions. I came across it back in February, researching another participant, Bob Sebra. Interesting thing was, Sebra was suspended, but sent down right afterward. He was to serve the suspension when he returned to the majors. He never did, return to the majors or serve his suspension.