Thursday, November 11, 2010

SpastikMooss's Giant Lot O' Cards Part One: AL East

I recently completed my seventh trade with SpastikMooss of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame - is that a record? We're like the Tigers and Padres of the mid-90s. The genesis of this one came when he posted a full tradelist. I wish more bloggers would do this - it is a lot of fun going through these - basically, it's the online version of going through your friend's shoebox full of doubles to see which ones you need. Here's mine, for example.

There were far too many great cards in the box to fit in one post, so I'm breaking this up by division, selecting one great card from each team. Later on there will be other great cards that will get their own posts.

AL East:
You would think I had all of Mooss's Yankees already, but there were a few new ones, like this shiny Godzilla.

Red Sox
Remember when Dan Petry pitched for Boston? Neither do I.

I got a whole bunch of this bizarre 1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes set. Can someone explain it to me? I can't figure out what's supposed to be going on, and the numbering is really weird, with different numbers on each side of the card.

Devil Rays
This card in the style of 1971 Topps would make you nostalgic for the 1970 Devil Rays, if such a team existed.

Blue Jays
For most teams there were dozens of cards. The Blue Jays were the only team with just one representative.


  1. Those Looney Tunes cards are the weirdest ever. I've never understood them.

  2. Those are from a set called "Comic Ball." They were weird then and they're weird now.