Monday, June 18, 2018

Wallet Card at some rare wooden houses in midtown Manhattan

Wooden houses have been against Manhattan building code for over a hundred years, for obvious reasons of fire safety. However, the occasional older landmarked buildings have been grandfathered inn. These two wooden houses on E. 53rd street were built in 1866.

1993 Studio Tim Salmon

Hobbies are weight lifting, hiking and golf: The Tim Salmon Foundation has an annual golf classic.

Favorite sports announcer is Vin Scully: Salmon grew up in the LA area, must have been a Dodgers fan.

Favorite player as a kid was Steve Garvey: Another Dodger answer. Salmon played against Garvey in a 2011 charity softball game.

Might have been a businessman if he hadn’t been an athlete: Salmon did not go into the business world after his baseball career.

Where he is now: In addition to his foundation, he is an Angels announcer.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wallet Card at The

The what? This sign had piqued my interest for a long time, but I couldn't find any photos of what it originally said.
Recently, I read on Facebook that it was a sign for a western-themed restaurant called The Cattleman, that in the late 1960s and early 1970s was best known for offering free stagecoach rides around the city on weekend evenings.

Friday, June 15, 2018

1993 Studio Ruben Sierra

Hobbies are singing and show horses (Paso Finos): Sierra has recorded albums of salsa music both during and after his career. In 2011 one of his horses ran in the Kentucky Derby.
Favorite sports announcer is Rex Barney: An offbeat choice – Barney was the PA announcer for the Baltimore Orioles, a team Sierra never played for.
Favorite player as a kid was Roberto Clemente: Sierra was widely considered the best Puerto Rican ballplayer since Clemente, a difficult legacy to live up to.
Might have been a singer if he hadn’t been an athlete: He did become a singer, before his career was even over. His own songs were his walk-up music as a Yankee.
Pet peeve is two-faced people: No one likes those.
Where he is now: Singing and horses.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Wallet Card at Chase Manhattan Bank

It's just been called "Chase" since the 2000 merger with J.P. Morgan, so this sign is almost 20 years out of date. Located off Sixth Avenue in midtown.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

1993 Studio Bret Saberhagen

Hobby is golf: is auctioning a golf experience with Bret Saberhagen at the Pebble Beach Golf Club. Current bid is $8,995.00.
Favorite sports announcer is Al Michaels: Michaels was the announcer for the 1985 World Series that Saberhagen was the MVP of.
Favorite player as a kid was Billy Williams: Saberhagen grew up in the Chicago area, a Cubs fan I guess.
Most prized possession is his 1985 World Series ring: Saberhagen auctioned off the ring in 2013.
Might have been a fire fighter if he hadn’t been an athlete: Saberhagen did not go into firefighting after his baseball career.
Pet peeve is giving up runs after having just scored: Good one for a pitcher. A better one would be giving up runs at all.
Where he is now: The Bret Saberhagen Make a Difference Foundation is a child-focused charity.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Street trade

I flipped some of the extra Yankees I got in that recent trade at Al's table on 37th street. I flipped a '79 Munson for a '72 Stottlemyre. I hadn't even left his table before someone expressed interest in the Munson (though they didn't buy). Turns out the SP Sierra and the Soriano I already had, so they are up for trade. The SP is not the shiny parallel version, it just happened to catch the light that way when I took the photo.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Remember the Death Star

Bru of Remember the Astrodome was giving away Star Wars cards on his blog recently. I'm a big Star Wars fan so was glad to get these. Star Wars Galaxy was a fun set with a lot of weird, quirky images, most of them original to the set.

Jack Davis was a legendary Topps artist and did the cartoons on the backs of the baseball cards for many years.
 Gahan Wilson is another famous artist with a very unique style.
 Lots of fun images in this set.
 Nice to see an Ewok Adventure card.
 Growing up in the 1980s there wasn't much behind the scenes literature. I took out the Lando Calrissian novels over and over when I was a kid. Those books are largely forgotten today, but all three are referenced in the new Solo movie which was very cool.
 One of the best aspects of this set was artists coming up with images for events that happened off-screen. here is Uncle Owen dragging a young Luke away from an Imperial recruitment poster.
 Here's another one with Uncle Owen, featuring his and Beru's last stand.
 Bru threw in some baseball set needs too. Thanks!

Vintage oddballs

Got some great vintage oddballs in a nice PWE from Baseball Card Breakdown. Like my first ever vintage post card, of Billy Klaus. Back in 1960 a guy with over 600 games in the major leagues still needed an off-season job in a bowling alley.
Some more vintage oddballs, including my first ever vintage Fleer cards. The game card I already had; it is up for trade (Steve Hargan of the Indians).
 Gavin also sent some nice shiny cards plus an oddball from a set I had never seen before, I think maybe a later version of MLB Showdown.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Red Cardboard trade: what I needed

No one seemed interested in the trade bait I posted yesterday. Anyone starting to work on the 1974 or 1975 set I could really help out.
Here are the cards I am keeping from the big box from Red Cardboard.

Four more 1975s. Need less than 60 now for the set.
 Lots of '74 team checklists. I think I need three or four more to finish up that set.
 Some 1974 needs, including my first true "Washington Nat'l Lea." card, very excited about that one.
 Lots of '73s, including some big names.
 Many from 1972, including a couple of Hall-of-Famers plus a really nice Maury Wills cards.
 I think there were some '71s too, might have forgotten to take a picture of them.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Vintage cards from Red Cardboard part I - the trade bait

My vintage project has really been a lot of fun and I continue to be actively seeking more trading partners who are willing to trade me vintage (pre-1978) cards, in any condition. While I have tens of thousands of modern cards to trade, I am also ending up with a fair amount of 1970s and even a few 1960s to trade. Anyone who wants to trade let me know!

Another blogger who recently started a vintage project is Red Cardboard. Like me, he is collecting beat-up old vintage. I traded him a box of my beat-up vintage for a box of his. Too much to show in one post so I'll start with the dupes. All of these are available to trade. In just about every case, I will trade you whatever card is in the best condition so if you are interested in the card but concerned about the condition, I likely have a better one for you.

Quartet from 1971.
 A few from 72.
 Some 73s.
 Lots of 74s, including Frank Robinson and two Orlando Cepedas.
 Lots more from 74.
 Also some of those '74 team checklists and lots and lots of 74 Topps Traded, that must have been printed in very large quantities because they keep showing up everywhere. Probably got almost a whole second set, maybe even most of a third.
 Some 75s, including Rollie Fingers.
 Finally, a quartet of singles from various other sets, including two more hall-of-famers.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

'75s from Johnny

Got a few more 75s in a recent trade with Johnny's Trading Spot. Between this an another trade to be chronicled later, I now have just over 600 cards in this set. The only big names I need left are Munson, Schmidt, Seaver, Perry, Niekro and the Keith Hernandez/Phil Garner rookie. The rest are commons and minor stars.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jwillden trade - Cardtoons

Finally, some early 90s "Cardtoons" cards. They are a good reminder that political fighting is nothing new.

Probably the only mention of urine on a baseball card, at least on the front . . .

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

JWillden trade - the legends

Lots of great cards of retired players in this trade. I like the signs for Gem Razor and "Don't Forget to Simonize" in the background of this card.
 Even better is this card with a US War Bonds sign on the upper deck.
 Here's a card of Reggie Jackson in a Yankees uniform. What "moonshot" is the card referring to?
 The one he hit in the 1971 All Star Game. The card says Yankees on the back too. There is no way to tell from this card that Jackson was an Oakland Athletic when he hit that home run. If I was an A's fan this card would make me mad.
 The missing logos are annoying, but this is a cool image of Billy The Kid.
 Tony Lazzeri was never a catcher. This appears to be some 90s-minor-league style fooling around from a 1927 Yankee.
 This 2017 Topps Archives card is new to me. It has the same photo as his 2013 Topps Archives card which I've probably received in half a dozen trade packages in the past year or two.
 Really nice Collect-A-Book.
 Finally, here's a reverse negative of Yankees legend Marvelous Marv Throneberry.

Monday, June 4, 2018

JWillden trade - modern day players

Some more highlights:

Everyone who played both sports has to do a football-and-baseball photo.
 No comments, just happy to get a card of the Yankees team MVP as of now.
 Here's a great moment, sometimes overlooked by Yankee fans. Jose Vizcaino's 12-inning walkoff in Game 1 of the 2000 World Series.
 This one is kind of weird. Austin Romine has a large, permanent black welt on his right cheek, the result of getting hit by a pitch in 2005. It is visible on other card that show that side of his face but it appears that Donruss airbrushed it out on this 2008 card.
 He's not going to the Hall, but it's a nice gesture.
 Finally, just a beautiful card.