Friday, August 26, 2016

Trade with Remember the Astrodome

Got a few hundred cards in a great trade with Bru of Remember the Astrodome.

There were lots of great random cards, like this nice autograph shot.
 A lot of 2016 Topps Heritage.
 A lot of 2016 Topps Archives. I can see why everyone is enjoying the 1979 design.
 Lots of 2015 Topps Heritage.
 He pared down my want lists on a lot of mid-90s sets, bringing several down to 20 needs or less.
 There was also a lot of 1989 Star - one of my favorite minor league sets and one I don't have a lot of cards from.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2012s for a 1982

I sent Night Owl one card to finish his 1982 Topps set a couple of weeks ago, and he kindly responded with about 20 cards from 2012 Topps. I'll have to update my wantlist but I think it brings me down to needing about 10 more to complete the set.

Interestingly the best-looking cards in this package were all horizontal.

Maybe it's just the baggy uniform but Dice-K's wrists look really tiny in this photo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1987 Spokane Indians at the Mall - Jay Estrada

Jay Estrada pitched in the Indians organization from 1987 to 1991. In 143 games, all in A ball, all relief, he put up excellent numbers 18-16, 24 saves, 3.10 ERA. I would guess he must have been injured at some point, probably 1990, which is why he didn't advance. The always-informative Greatest 21 Days has a profile on him but there's not much there, either.

Like Jay Estrada, Catherines seems to be a mystery as well. There is a plus-size women's clothing chain called Catherines that has a location in a different part of Spokane, as well as a different NorthTown Mall, in Minnesota. Don't know if this Catherines is related to those or something completely different. Seems to be women's clothing of some kind, though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wallet Card at EJ Korvettes

This was the cool discovery I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago. This sign is in the Herald Square station. Both MTA and PATH trains share this station, with a corridor in between the two lines. The corridor runs under a retail space that is currently the Manhattan Mall but was originally built in 1967 as an EJ Korvettes. EJ Korvettes was a department store chain on Long Island and in NYC. There is a very famous urban legend that the name refers to the founders being "eight Jewish Korea veterans". In fact it was started two years before the Korean war by two Jewish WWII veterans with the initials E and J who had served on Corvette warships. The chain was defunct in 1980.

Recently JC Penney moved into most of the Manhattan Mall and they are doing construction on the lower level, which is visible in the corridor between the subway and PATH trains. It looks like at one point you could enter Korvettes directly from the station. At some point, presumably the store's closing in 1980, that entrance was sealed up but the renovations reveal both the sign and the stairway leading from the subway into what was the store.

This was not listed on any of the several NYC blogs that usually post this material. I gave Esther Crain of Ephemeral New York a heads-up about the sign and she put a nice write-up on Korvettes on her blog.

Longer view where you can see the stairway and where it was bricked over.
 Close-up view of the Korvettes sign (there is a reflection of the corridor in the glass window).

Monday, August 22, 2016

1987 Spokane Indians at the Mall - Rich Holsman

Rich Holsman pitched in the Padres organization from 1987 to 1991. In 190 games he went 35-35 with 25 saves and a 3.20 ERA. He is now Sales Manager at Bay Equity Home Loans in McCall, ID.

As you might expect there is not much online about a late-1980s mall food court business. Jennet Siniff owned Jennet's Kitchen from 1985 to 1991.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Street trade - Reds pack

Traded Al a couple more cards - a pair of oddball Mattinglys. In return I picked up a Reds pack - mixture of Bowman and Topps from 2014 again.

I'm pretty sure I'd seen this card of Mike Leake batting on other blogs.
 Nice photo with the Kahn's logo in the background. There were two of this card in the pack. Anyone have any needs from 2014 Topps?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Street trade - Dodgers pack

Al the street vendor needed some cards of Hideki Matsui and Tino Martinez cards. In return I picked up a small bag of 2014 Dodgers cards - Bowman, Topps and Topps Update.

I also got this really nice Bowman refractor card of former Yankees prospect Anthony Claggett.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Steve Tolleson on baseball cards

Infielder Steve Tolleson played in 182 games for the A's, Orioles and Blue Jays from 2010 to 2015, hitting .245 with 6 HR and 29 RBI. This year he is in the Royals' organization, but has appeared in just eleven minor league games due to injury. The son of former Yankee Wayne Tolleson, he is also a partner at Parallel Financial in Greenville, SC. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I enjoyed collecting baseball cards when I was growing up. To this day I still have complete sets that my dad bought for me. I enjoyed organizing them by team. I have not collect cards since I was a little boy. 

Now as a player, I have enjoyed collecting memorabilia in the form of bats, balls and jerseys from players that I have played with or against. 

My favorite baseball card of myself is an action card of me turning a double play and jumping over a former teammate and friend, Nick Punto."

Thursday, August 18, 2016

More street packs

I picked up five packs from Baby Starks yesterday for five bucks. They were still pretty good but noticeably less newer cards this time around. All in all there were about 110 cards, of which I needed just over half. I think I'm going to restrain myself to one or two a week from him, unless I see something really great.

Some highlights from these:
Still some 2014/2015 Bowmans in these but not nearly the volume there had been. There were two copies of this great beard card so one is up for trade.
 I did not yet have this great hair card, though I had seen it on a bunch of blogs.
 One nice thing about these packs is that the star cards are not pulled out, so I am able to get some cards that would otherwise be hard to acquire at these prices.
 Best card in this set was this shiny, numbered card of Matt DeSalvo, who was a Yankee prospect ten years ago.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wanell Macia Severino's favorite card

Outfielder Wanell Macia Severino played eight seasons of professional baseball, mostly in the Pirates organization. In 351 games he hit .271 with 5 HR, 123 RBI and 30 SB. He is now living in the Dominican Republic and looking for a job. He is having some financial difficulties; if you can assist him, you can reach out to him on Facebook.

In the course of messaging on Facebook he said that this was his favorite card:
He also shared several other pictures that he had from his playing days:

Thanks, Wanell!

I have one card of him in my collection, from 2004 Topps: