Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brent Knackert on baseball cards

Brent Knackert pitched nine years of professional baseball, pitching in the major leagues for both Seattle and Boston. He kindly shared with me his thoughts on baseball cards.

"I have recently learned that I am actually one of the most difficult autographs to get. Pretty funny because I don't run from them. I just have moved often and went through a divorce, so I don't get most of them. The ones I do get have $0.29 stamps on them, it would cost me a fortune to mail the ones I have out :)

No favorite card of myself, and no I don't collect but my father does, so I have given him everything I ever received.
Especially Pete Rose and or Nolan Ryan stuff....My favorites."

Thanks! This brings up a good point about sending SASEs to people for their autograph - use forever stamps instead of regular stamps, and it will not only be cheaper for you, but you don't have to worry about postal rates going up if the mail takes a while to get to its recipient.

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