Monday, July 16, 2018

1993 Studio Howard Johnson

Hobby is golf: Yet another golfing baseball player.
Favorite sports announcer is Harry Kalas: Johnson grew up in Florida and never played for the Phillies; not sure how Kalas became his favorite.
Favorite player as a kid was Reggie Jackson: Not having a big league team nearby, a charismatic slugger like Reggie makes sense.
Might have been an astronaut if he hadn’t been an athlete: This seems like one of the bigger stretch answers to this question.
Where he is now: A minor league manager in the Rangers organization.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

1993 Studio Benito Santiago

Hobby is cars: Santiago has had some issues with his cars, getting injured crashing his Ferrari in 1998, and arrested for smoking marijuana in his Mercedes in 2012.

Favorite sports announcer is Chris Berman: Berman called him Benito “Il Duce” Santiago.

Favorite player as a kid was Johnny Bench: Great role model for a young player.

Might have been a race car driver if he hadn’t been a baseball player: He certainly liked expensive cars. Don’t know if that would have translated to actually racing them successfully.

Pet peeve is taxes: While Santiago has had various legal troubles he seems to have at least always paid his taxes.

Where he is now: He is involved in various community activities in San Francisco and Puerto Rico.

Another trade with The Collector

I came across The Collector only a couple of months ago (well into his Sports Card Tour) and this is already the second trade I've swung with him. The second of many, I think. Here are some highlights from what he sent me:

I have every Topps set completed from 1978 to 2008, with the exception of 1998. With these two down I still need 27 more cards from this set.
 Some really nice 1977 TCMA Renata Galasso cards. Really nice vintage.
 Some modern Yankee stars. I didn't know they were still doing Sports Illustrated for Kids cards.
 Really nice triple swatch card for Carlos Beltran, #'d 25/25. I don't remember seeing a card with home and away uniforms on it before.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Trade with All Trade Bait, All the Time

Got a big box of cards, mostly 2016-2018, from All Trade Bait All the Time. Mostly Gypsy Queen and Heritage. Some other oddballs too. Some highlights:

My first 2018 Gypsy Queens came in this trade.
 Also lots more 2018 Heritage. I have dozens of 2018 cards now, plus a complete Opening Day set, but not one card yet from the flagship set. Weird.
 A couple of packs of Babe Ruth cards.
 I don't collect toys so these are up for trade if anyone wants them. The Padres car is actually from Upper Deck. The two little guys are a Phillie and a Met.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

1993 Studio Edgar Martinez

Hobbies are computers, reading and movies: A rarity – three hobbies, and they are all indoors.
Favorite sports announcer is Chris Berman: Martinez did not get a nickname from Berman.
Favorite player as a kid was Roberto Clemente: Here is an interview with Martinez discussing his memories of Clemente.
Pet peeve is lying: Pretty common pet peeve.
Where he is now: Hitting coach for the Mariners.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

1993 Studio Carlos Martinez

Hobby is music: Presumably listening to music, though perhaps he played as well.
Favorite sports announcer is Dick Vitale: He must have liked college basketball.
Favorite players as a kid were Roberto Clemente and Tony Armas: Martinez was Venezuelan, and Armas was one of the first Venezuelan stars in the major leagues. Clemente of course was a hero to ballplayers across Latin America.
Might have been a doctor if he hadn’t been an athlete: Martinez did not go into medicine after his playing career.
Pet peeve is politics: Seems like everyone’s pet peeve these days.
Post-playing career: Martinez died at the age of 40 in 2006, after a long battle with cancer.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1993 Studio Robby Thompson

Hobbies are fishing, tennis, golf and water sports: Guy likes being outdoors.

Favorite sports announcer is Chris Berman: Thompson did not get a nickname from Berman.

Favorite player as a kid was Pete Rose: In high school Thompson grew his hair shaggy in emulation of Rose.

Might have been an educator if he hadn’t been an athlete: Thompson did not go into education after his baseball career.

Pet peeve is slow traffic in the fast lane: Lots of lead-footed drivers in this set.

Where he is now: As of 2016 he was a Special Assistant to the Indians GM. Not clear if he is still in the role.

Monday, July 9, 2018

More Birds, Red and Blue

Right after my trade package from Cards on Cards, came my cards from his recent 10th Anniversary Group Break. I was fortunate enough to snag two teams, the Blue Jays and the Cardinals.

Got the Blue Jays right after the Yankees took two out of three at the Skydome. This should give you an idea of the types of sets that were in the break. That Classic Draft Shawn Green was the last card I needed to complete that set.
 The Cardinals were a little different, as Kerry was keeping them for himself, so it was random Cardinals he was purging, which made for a fun assortment. Multiple minor league cards for a lot of players.
 The minor league cards ranged from the 1980s to the present.
 Lots of other cool cards, like two different numbered Albert Pujols cards.
 This McGwire oddball is pretty neat . . .
 . . . but this one is really great.
 This was the weirdest oddball in the lot. I've never seen a baseball card ornament before. It even has a string to hang it up.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Comments and a card

I was feeling a bit bummed about this blog lately, as I hadn't gotten comments on anything for a while, even when posting a few times soliciting potential trades. Turns out Blogger has messed with the comment reporting feature - I had missed the last month's worth of comments including some trade propositions. Here is a link from The Lost Collector about how to rectify the problem if you are experiencing it. He also links to another discussion about whether baseball card blogging is a dying art. I certainly hope not, I find it really enjoyable to read what others have to write about cards, and a great way to propose trades. I know at some point I'll have to start expanding more into Twitter and/or TCDB for trades. Maybe I can be "One Million Cheap Vintage Cards" on Twitter. (I don't fully understand this One Million thing - I assume they don't actually want duplicates.) I had a good trade with One Million Cubs, but another Million guy started asking for pictures of my house which I thought was weird, and I haven't gotten back to Twitter trading since. Are there any good Twitter traders people would recommended I'd do TCDB but am worried Beckett might go after it like it did with Zistle. Will probably put at least my tradelist up there at some point.

Anyway, here is the result of another one-card trade with Al this week. On April 22, 1960, Moose Skowron went 2-4 and Mickey Mantle and Hector Lopez homered as Whitey Ford out-dueled Hoyt Wilhelm in a battle of future Hall-of-Famers.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Coke and vintage

Kerry of Cards on Cards had an extra 1981 Coca-Cola Cardinals set to trade. I worked out a trade for those plus a bunch of really cool vintage cards, instead for some modern Cardinals and sets needs that he had.

Here are the Cokes. I don't drink soda at all, but I really like both the Coke and Pepsi logos.
 Four 1961 cards were the oldest ones he sent. I love the back of the Grim card - "Long considered one of the weakest hitter in the game, Bob amazed everyone - himself included - by blasting a grand slam homer to beat the White Sox 10-8."
 1965 McCarver and two '71s.
 A few '72s highlighted by a sweaty Joe Torre.
 73's an 74's. The Bernie Carbo card might be the oldest card of a player with an untucked jersey.
 Two regular '75s, and two minis. Down to just 56 left to complete the regular set. I now have three '75 minis, all Cardinals.
 '76 and '77. The shortstop behind Lou Brock is Jackie Hernandez, who last played for the Pirates in '73, making that photo at least two years out of date. And what is that thing hanging out of John Curtis's pocket?

Friday, July 6, 2018

Wallet Card at the site of one of this year's Topps Heritage Inserts

This year's Topps Heritage set has an insert card in the "News Flashback" set with an event that took place on Long Island. Other than Revolutionary War battles and LI Ducks cards, I can't think of any other baseball cards with a Long Island mention. I don't have this card and would be interested in trading for it - card is number NF-7.
The back of the card reads, "The first of what is now millions of Automated Teller Machines opened for business in the U.S. on September 2, 1969 in Rockville Centre, New York. Chemical Bank boasted that because of what was then called its "Docoteller", that it "will open at 9:00 and never close again."

However, the photo in the picture is not in Rockville Centre and not even in a Chemical Bank! Here is the full photo, which as you can see was in a First National City (Citibank). This was the first ATM in New York City, at the bank's headquarters at 399 Park Avenue. Here is the full photo.

Here is the Citibank at 399 Park today.

Chemical Bank is now Chase and the bank in Rockville Centre has been remodeled since 1969, with the original ATM long gone. Here is what that bank looks like today.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

1993 Studio Larry Walker

Hobbies are hockey, bowling, magic and golf: Walker played street hockey as a kid with future NHL star Cam Neely. In 2014 Walker bowled a 300 game.
Favorite sports announcer is Don Cherry: Not surprising that Walker, a Canadian, chose a hockey announcer.
Favorite player as a kid was Mike Bossy: Bossy and Walker were in the 1992 Pinnacle Idols subset.
Most prized possessions are his golf clubs: I think this is the lamest “prized possession” yet.
Might have been a lumberjack if he hadn’t been an athlete: But one of the best answers to this question.
Where he is now: He does some occasional charity golf and pretty active on Twitter; other than that keeping a fairly low profile.