Friday, November 12, 2010

SpastikMooss's Giant Lot O' Cards Part Two: AL Central

Here are some of the best cards from the AL Central.

I love the old Collectors Choice cards, they have such interesting photography. Some cards have a camera, some have a garbage can, but I bet this is the only one that has both.

White Sox
Ray Durham completing a double play over "Big Daddy," Cecil Fielder. Don't worry Yankee fans, the Yankees went on to win, 7-1.

This card is shinier than you would expect - check out my reflection. And what Yankee fan doesn't smile when they see Dean Palmer awkwardly throwing to first?

Bonus Tigers
Since there were no Royals or Twins, here is a bonus AL Central card - my favorite in the box. This just may be the shiniest, most dazzling, most colorful card I have ever seen.

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