Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seth McClung on baseball cards

Seth McClung pitched for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Milwaukee Brewers from 2003 to 2009, winning 26 games. Now the owner of the Seth McClung Baseball Academy and the head coach for the Pinellas Park High School girls basketball team, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

- Do you have any stories about cards of yourself or of other players?
I always found the posed pictures cheesy. One of those is my 2003 Topps Total card. The guy shot up my nose for the picture and then made me lean back.
Now, I am not a little guy but at this time in my life I wasn't as large as I currently am and from this angle it made me look pregnant. If you look on ebay or where ever you find these cards autographed, I always signed over my stomach because of how freaking huge I thought it looked.

- Do you have a favorite card of yourself or of another player?
Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie Card is my personal favorite. My brother gave it to me for Christmas and its always been special. He is also one of my Favorite players. (Nolan Ryan and Bo Jackson are the others.)

My favorite card is my 2008 Allen & Ginter card.
A close second is my 2010 Upper Deck.

- Do you collect baseball cards?
Yeah, I have a collection. Every now and then I break out the box of cards and look for my former coaches!



  1. cool post! I liked McClung when he was on the Rays. Very cool to read about him collecting cards.

  2. It's cool to hear a recent player's take on his cards.