Saturday, January 2, 2010

Swing and a miss and a hit

Usually baseball cards show a player succeeding, or at least apparently succeeding. However, once in a while a card will show a player swinging and missing, like this 1995 SP card of Deion Sanders.

However, with the advent of photoshop, card companies may be getting too cute. Look carefully at this 2005 Topps Tony Clark. There are two baseballs in this photo! One ball is about to get hit by Clark's bat, while the other has already gone past [look next to the AR in CLARK]. It looks like the one he is about to hit was photoshopped in because there is no motion blur.


  1. Nice catch on the Tony Clark.

    And I'm with you on things getting too cute, Just let the photos be great! Don't mess with them!

  2. Yeah, why would they need to do this? Baseball is played with one ball, and umpires for that matter.
    BTW, I've got a new baseball card blog, Hopefully you can check it out.