Monday, January 25, 2010

1999 Ultra Tino Martinez - I was there

The card I liked best in my winnings from Cards on Cards was the 1999 Ultra Tino Martinez, which features action from the one day game in the three-game Subway Series at Shea Stadium, June 27, 1998. The Yankees won that game, 7-2, with the Bam-Tino hitting a big three run home run to give the Yankees a lead they would not relinquish; the ball landed a deck below where I was sitting in right field.

The baserunner is John Olerud, he reached base just once in the game, hit by an Andy Pettitte pitch in the top of the third.

One thing I remember from that game was how the Mets big-name catcher was in the midst of a big slump, while the Yankees unknown catcher had a great game, leading the Yankee fans to chant "Posada's better than Piazza." At the time it was solely to rip on Piazza, who at the time was doing worse than Joe Girardi's backup, but amazingly over the last twelve years Jorge has at least worked himself into the same league as top catchers of the 1990s/2000s.

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