Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Hall of Fame shirt exchange

A while back I posted about how on one of Tony Gwynn's cards he is wearing Scott Sanders's jersey in a spring training game because he lost his. Something similar seems to be happening on Mike Schmidt's 1983 card - he is wearing number 37 and not 20 and the last letter of the surname is G.

I checked Baseball Almanac and Stan Bahnsen wore number 37 in 1982, so I knew the picture must be older, so I checked 1981 and sure enough #37 was worn by someone with a last name ending in G: Ryne Sandberg.

This must be the only card with one hall of famer wearing another hall of famer's jersey.


  1. Whoa, nice find Bo! That's definitely a strange occurence, but pretty cool.

  2. Actually, A columnist from the Sporting News (Maybe Dick Young, Bill Conlin or even Peter Gammons)mentioned this (Schmidt wearing 37#) in a column in 1983. I remember the columnist speculated maybe this card was going to be worth alot of money someday (That was wrong). However, there was no mention about the letter G on the back of his uniform. Of course in 1983, Ryne Sandberg was not Ryne Sandberg yet. Nice Catch.