Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Cards and vintage things: Roy Face matchbook

 I picked up a lot of matchbooks that features this fun one featuring Pirates pitcher Roy Face. I don't have many Face cards, so I paired it up with the oldest one I have, from 1964. While many athletes owned restaurants (and often had matchbooks printed up) that doesn't seem to be the case here. I found only one reference to Face with the restaurant, the Golden Triangle Restaurant on Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, near Forbes Field. Looks like he was a luncheon host there in the offseason of 1958-1959 (possibly other years as well).


  1. Back when a ballplayer had to supplement his income by working another job in the offseason.

    What product/company is the Hicksville matchbook advertising behind Face's card there?

  2. If he did only do this for part of one year, one would have to think that not too many of the matchbooks were produced, and therefor might be a bit on the rarer side.

  3. That Roy Face matchbook is pretty cool. I tried collecting matchbooks when I bought a collection a while back. Ended up trading them all to my buddy who flipped them.