Thursday, July 22, 2021

Art on the back: 1957

 In 1957 Topps created the first "modern" set, shrinking card size to the one that is still used today. The card backs from this year also became the general standard for baseball cards going forward, focusing on complete statistics and some text, with only a small section for a cartoon. Here's an example:

Back when suicide was good for a cheap laugh on a product designed for kids.

Here are my personal favorite cartoons from the '57s I have:

Dis inning is moider!


  1. The answer to the youngest major leaguer question recently changed--not because someone younger played now, but because Roy Campanella's first Negro League appearance at 15 is now recognized as a Major League game.

  2. I like the plane factoid. And a mention of a lesser known Sisler.

  3. I love seeing things on baseball cards that wouldn't be appropriate on current cards. Actually it doesn't even need to be baseball cards.

  4. Interesting trivia - I never knew the plane one before!

  5. I got go with the consensus here, and say that the plane fact is the most interesting.