Thursday, July 29, 2021

Big Box from The Collector: Part II

Here are the football cards I got from The Collector in exchange for my unwanted basketball cards. Glad they're going to someone who will appreciate them more than I did. Football has always been my second sport. A few months ago I tried getting heavily into vintage football and found I just didn't enjoy it the same way I did vintage baseball. But I do like football cards. I even made wantlists for the '70s and '80s Topps sets but I haven't published them, I don't really want people sending me a lot of them. But I'm happy to get football cards for some cards that are otherwise hard to trade away.

That autographed card on top is really thick, probably the thickness of four regular cards. Some highlights:

1986 Topps football is the first sports card set I ever collected. It has an all-time great design.

1987 had some fun photos in it.

You don't see fun personal tidbits on football cards as much as you do on baseball cards. Gavin will appreciate this one.

Football Broders are also less common than in baseball, but just as fun!
A little bit of vintage, too! Joe Perry is my first 1960 card.


  1. Merlin is an all-timer.

    Sucks that they didn't have the license in the '70s.

  2. I'm thrilled to send you some cards you could use. It would have taken me forever to trade away those cards piece by piece. Had to send you at least a couple decent vintage cards, since you sent so many cards my way. I've started the train of thank you posts on my blogs, btw.

  3. Never seen that Ismail Broder before. Very cool.

  4. I've seen a lot of Broders over the years, but like Fuji, had never seen this one before.