Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Big box from the Collector: Part I

Recently, The Collector held a basketball swap meet. I had a lot of basketball cards sitting around that I had no use for, so I sent most of them to him in exchange for a few baseball and football cards. Here are some of the baseball cards I got.

In 1990 I bought a pack of Sportflics, was annoyed that there were only three cards in the pack, and never bought another. I guess everyone else felt the same way because I rarely encounter them in the wild. This is just the ninth one in my collection.

Here's some cards from a set I've never seen before, called Origins of Baseball. It's about nineteenth century baseball. Check out Charles Comiskey in his prison uniform. (Not really, but still . . .) From this card I learned that he was the first first baseman to play off of the base.
Lots of recent year set needs.
These BBM cards are a lot of fun. I have very few BBMs. The two regular cards are shiny, and I love the neon orange Home Run Card.


  1. That neon Home Run Card is pretty cool. Is it some sort of redemption?

  2. I don't recall seeing Sportflics in 1990, but if I had, I wouldn't have been cool with 3-card packs either.

  3. I didnt have much vintage to send you so I tried to make up for it with oddball/uncommon stuff. I wonder what you'll feature in part II :)