Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Super Tuesday

 Here's some more vintage football from Ken. Apparently he sent me five PWEs. I got one, then these two more. We'll see if the other two show up.

Nice selection of '75s. My favorite is the Metcalf, but there are several nice action shots here.

Some fine WRs from the '74 set, and a lot more '73 checklists.
I'm down to needing just three more of the team checklists - Chiefs, Dolphins and Packers. Then I will be able to complete the puzzles on the backs:


  1. Some nice looking cards here - Gray, Brown, and Guy in particular. Ken is very generous. Hope you're able to finish the puzzle backs.

  2. I like the puzzle backs. If Topps had done those more in the 80's, I would have been more excited about pulling them from packs.

  3. You're further along in completing these puzzles than I am, congrats. I checked to see if I had any dupes you could use but I have only three dupes and none are what you need, sorry. I think you'll have these puzzles completed sooner rather than later.

  4. Puzzle backs were so fun, it be nice if they could be brought back.