Sunday, February 28, 2021

Camelot-era cards

 These days it's pretty rare to get vintage cards on eBay at a cheap price that I'm willing to pay. I was glad that this little lot of cards, almost all produced during the Kennedy administration, slipped through with no other bids. The cards are pretty rough but that's OK by me.

Four needs from '61 Topps. Heavy on the pen markings but most of my '61s have some, so they'll fit right in.

'62 was the meat of this lot, and I have so few from that year. Highlights include Jimmy Piersall and Herb Score. "Pride of the A's" is about three former Yankees doing well with the KC A's. Of course the Yankees did pretty good without those guys in '61.
More new ones from '62. Heavy on the checklists, but Al Lopez and Floyd Robinson are some fine-looking photos.
One from '63. I paid about $9 for this lot. Bob Friend here is a high number who goes for at least $5 or more all by himself, usually quite a bit more.
Trade bait! These are rough but if I have a better-conditioned card I'll usually trade that one instead. Here are the extras from '61. That set had the best-looking checklists of all time, in my opinion. 
Some more trade bait, '62-'64. Again, if the card looks pretty rough I might have better versions to trade, particularly the '64s.


  1. I have to have that Billy Muffett!!!!

    With grading being such a big deal now, I would think that off-condition lots could still be had a decent price. That is unless lower grades are becoming a thing too? Heaven help us if it is!