Thursday, February 11, 2021

Cardboard cousins: '53 Topps/'16 Archives

 It's nice to have a newly-acquired card pop up here. #35 Irv Noren, my latest addition to that set, goes nicely with Jim Rice here. Two slugging outfielders with backgrounds of two iconic ballparks. While both were fine on-base men (Noren .348 OBP, Rice .352 OBP), you didn't want them up for your team with a runner on first and less than two out. Rice is third all-time in GIDP, and is the only man to top 32 in a season, doing so twice. Noren meanwhile is the only one to have two multi-GIDP games in a single World Series, as he went 1-for-16 with five GIDP subbing for an injured Mickey Mantle in 1955. (If the Mick was healthy the Dodgers probably don't win their only Series in Brooklyn). To Rice's credit, in his one World Series appearance (1986) he came up eight times with a runner on first and less than two out, and didn't hit into a single double play (though Ray Knight made an error on a probable DP in Game 6).

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