Saturday, February 6, 2021

Some '59s

 For vintage cards I don't want to pay more than a quarter per card. These days that is almost impossible, but I was able to use some eBay bucks to bring down the price of a nice little lot of '59s. 20 cards, of which I needed 16. Incidentally I am now up to owning exactly 100 different '59 Topps cards. Amazing!

I keep wanting to call Rip Repulski "Rip Repulsive". No good reason, just some immature humor there. I love the Siebern but the Broglio is pretty great too. 

Johnny Blanchard rookie card is the highlight here. I love the black borders on Taylor Phillips's card, I wish they had done more of those. Jim Marshall is called Rufe Marshall on the back. He turns 90 years old in May, is the oldest living Cubs manager and is still employed as an advisor by the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Trade bait! Two Yankees, a Dodger and a Red Sox. Anyone working on a '59 set or need them for a team set? I haven't looked to see if I have better-conditioned copies but if I do I'll trade away the better one.


  1. Feel free to check my 59' set build needs. I have plenty 59's to trade.

  2. You gotta love how kids kept up with transaction details back then lol.

  3. As far as vintage baseball cards go, there are few things prettier than black-bordered 59's.