Sunday, February 21, 2021

1998 Collector's Choice: Series II: Part II

 Here's the final post in this series. Some more fun stuff from this set.

The front of the Jim Edmonds card is fantastic.

The back is fun too. Is that Tim Salmon with him? Someone better worn them about the van about to drive onto the field behind them.
It seems like the photographer forget to take a picture of Ryan McGuire until they had turned off the lights in the ballpark and put all the bats away.
Any guesses as to why there was a fishing pole in the Padres bullpen?
Can you Jeter?
Not many cards of players jumping rope.
This is my favorite photo in the set. - a future legend relaxing on his boat. Mariano Rivera's father was captain of a fishing boat in Panama and the Yankees reliever worked on it throughout his teenage years. 


  1. That Jeter is so cool. I wonder if they sold those shirts.

  2. Derek Jeter looks like a dork! And I'd love to know the story behind the fishing pole as well.

  3. These are great. There's another Andy Ashby fishing card, believe it or not. It's in my Frankenset.