Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Football fun

 I did a little vintage baseball-for-football trade with Steve of the blogs 1975 Baseball Cards and Athletes on Phones. I got some really great additions to my low-key vintage football collection.

Starting off with possibly the only neck-rub card around, and a couple of interesting backgrounds.

Some great Giants additions. I know it says "Browns" on Homer Jones's card, but the Giants logo and Yankee Stadium make it a true Giants card for me.

This however is my favorite card of the bunch. I have an unofficial mini-collection of Jets cards which show Hofstra University in the background. This one has the clearest building I've seen yet. I believe this building is actually the Nassau County courthouse which was next to one of the football fields, though I could be mistaken. It definitely looks like a typical Hofstra building.
Steve seems to be in on the new trend of using vintage stamps for postage. Very cool! The Viking and writing stamps are both from the late 1970s.


  1. It may be a new thing for card collectors to do, but stamp collectors/dealers have been using older, non-valuable, stamps to mail packages for decades.

  2. It's not often, but I do save older stamps that arrive on packages I receive. Don't think I've received any from the 70's though.

  3. Love early '70's Topps football. I'm getting kinda close to finishing a couple of my sets.

  4. Thanks for the trade. I like sending vintage stamps with vintage cards - it's like a little time capsule.