Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cardboard cousins: '60 Topps/'17 Archives

 The first part of the '17 Topps Archives set featured the 1960 Topps design. And #17 in that set matched quite nicely with the #17 in the original. Two White Sox outfielders in almost identical poses, though the backgrounds (Yankee Stadium centerfield vs. someone's backyard) are quite different.

As a National Leaguer (Phillies), Johnny Callison was MVP of the 1964 All Star Game, hitting a walk-off home run. As a National Leaguer (Giants), Melky Cabrera was MVP of the 2012 All Star Game, with two hits including a home run.


  1. Ooh, a Johnny Callison that I don't have! Love the background on that card.

  2. And Cabrera had stated his career with the Yankees, with whom Callison ended his career.