Monday, February 22, 2021

Some 58's

 With the other $5 coupon I got from eBay a while ago, I purchased a small lot of '58s. This one was buy-it-now and as it turns out, was also "guaranteed delivery" that ran late. So I should be getting another $5 coupon, basically flipping this one.

Here are the keepers from this lot. The big draw for me was the card with Casey Stengel on it. A Jim "Mudcat" Grant rookie card was another particularly nice addition. He is called Mudcat on the back. The most interesting card, however, turned out to be the Tigers team card.

The back notes that Stan Musial appears on a Topps card for the first time. Turns out this is a somewhat rare variation. Most just have a checklist over the whole back. I have a Beckett Almanac that says a mint version of the card goes for $100, same as an Ernie Banks or Yogi Berra card. Silly, I know, but looking a bit online I couldn't find a single version of this card for less than $15, three times what I paid for this lot.
Three of the cards in this lot I already had, so they are up for trade:


  1. That Tigers team card is pretty cool. I was pretty excited to finally add the Musial to my collection last year. Maybe I'll track down that Tigers team card to go with it.

  2. I've never seen that variation mentioned anywhere before! I'm pretty sure I have that team card, so I'll have to make a note to self to check the back next time I get into that box.