Sunday, August 11, 2013

Old magazines

Today I went to the flea market looking for baseball cards. I didn't find anything I really wanted - there is very little dime box action these days, ever since a new company took over the flea market and raised everyone's rents. However, I did come across something I never noticed before - there were a whole bunch of boxes called "$1.00 items." Inside were a whole bunch of magazines, from the 1970's through the 2010's. There was a lot of interesting stuff, but I decided to just get six Baseball Cards magazines that had cards in them. I'll show them at the end of this post.

However, there was a ton more stuff that was kind of cool, but I don't really have the room for. However, if any of you readers are interested in magazines for their collections, I'd be happy to buy some and trade them to you for baseball cards. Here are some of the things I remember were in there:
- Sporting News newspapers (they weren't magazines back then) from the 1970s. Offhand I remember covers with Chris Speier (Giants), Steve Kemp/Jason Thompson (Tigers), Al Cowens (Mariners), Ross Grimsley (Expos) and Bill Virdon (Yankees manager), but there were a few more.
- A bunch of Sports Illustrateds. There were Reggie Jackson covers from 1977 (Yankees) and 1982 (Angels). The Yankee one [Can Reggie Jackson find love and happiness in New York?] is pretty famous I think. There was a Sports Illustrated with Bill Clinton from around 1993. One heading into the 1981 World Series with I believe Graig Nettles on the cover. One from the 2000 world series with Derek Jeter on the cover.
- One or two Sport magazines with baseball covers. I think there might have been one with George Brett.
- Something called "Team" magazine from 1973. There were two of them, one with Johny Bench (Reds) and one with Dick Allen (White Sox).
- A bunch of Baseball Digests. Most were late 1980s but I think there was a 1972 season preview or review.
- Team magazine/scorebooks that you would get at the ballpark. There was a Nationals Magazine that I think had Bryce Harper on the cover, a 1999 Brewers magazine with Hank Aaron on the cover. There was a 1982 Yankees program, and a couple of different Tigers magazines.
- There were some postseason programs, all Yankees - 1978 ALCS, 1995 ALDS, I think 1996 ALDS also. There was an all-star game program or something with Rod Carew on the cover.
- There were a lot of Becketts, Tuff Stuffs, etc. from the late 80's to early 00's. Some of the covers I remember included Griffey, Ripken, Frank Thomas (two different ones), Pujols, Saberhagen, Jeter. There were a few that were specifically about minor league cards, including one with Mark Grace on the cover.
- There was a 1989 Topps George Brett folder too.
If anything like this interests you let me know. There was a lot more so if this sparks your imagination let me know and I'd be happy to go back soon and look for something for you.

Anyway - here are the magazines I bought.

And here are the cards that were inside. Good thing I am not a condition snob, as I am not very good with a scissor. These cards are pretty interesting - I'll show them in separate posts.

I'm going to keep the cards but will very likely make the magazines available for trade. I'll scan interesting pages from each one for future blog posts.


  1. I LOVE magazine cards. There are some sweet ones there. I especially dig the Brett/Reggie Donruss things and the Topps magazine stuff. Nice catch!

  2. Nice find. I love old sports card magazines... especially the ones with trading cards. Congratulations.