Monday, August 12, 2013

1986 Baseball Card Magazine cards

I figured I would highlight the cards that were in each magazine as they are all pretty interesting. I'll go in chronological order and start with 1986. These cards actually related to articles in the magazine. The first three cards related to an article about promo cards. These first two cards were reprints of promo cards from 1981 Donruss, when they were considering a different design then what they ended up using. The first photo is also interesting because Reggie is holding a bat that says "11" instead of "44". #11 on the 1980 Yankees was Fred "Chicken" Stanley.

 This Lou Piniella card is an example of a promo card from 1982 Fleer that uses a different photo then was eventually used in the actual card.
 There was an article about 1951 Topps, and there were a couple of cards of modern players in two of their designs, the "Red Backs",
and "Connie Mack All Stars".


  1. Very cool.

    That image of Jackson was used on one of his three 1981 Donruss cards. (A little more cropped).

  2. Baseball Card Magazine is one of my favorite trading card magazines from that era. Cool cards... especially the Boggs.